Summer Denim Trend – part One

Denim and chambray are my all time favourite fabrics to wear in summer. Although denim can be a bit thick for the scorching, read sizzling Karachi summer, brands have made so many breathable… Continue reading

Weekend Lust List – June 4th

Cosa Nostra – Gelato ice cream is the besttttt i have ever had anywhere in the world! Their Maple Walnut is truly the best! Just thinking about it makes my mouth water; too bad… Continue reading

The Center Part

I hear the center part is back! It has been for a while i also hear. I’ve always loved it but with the crazy frizzy hair of mine it doesn’t always epitomize Deepika… Continue reading

Cupcake Happy

Whoever said happiness is a Cupcake is right!!! A cupcake that survived a day without anyone but you noticing it a day later is an even greater happiness! I am overjoyed to see… Continue reading

Skincare – Under Eye Dark circles

I am unfortunately one of those people blessed with hereditary/genetic dark circles. They are just part of my face, they have always been there! I have grown up being commented on about my… Continue reading

Weekend Lust List

Clayworks – macaroon plates – so quirky so fun! Aveeno – Baby Soothing Relief Body wash – so far the best for even the driest skins. Boombox Amplifier  – iphone dock – so cute… Continue reading

Family Fun – Karachi Eat Festival

Last weekend was fun! Every year the whole of Karachi waits for this Humongous Food Festival! That’s right Food! Needless to say all Karachites, no all Pakistanis are major foodies and with the… Continue reading

TBT – TRrring retro/vintage Love

L . O . V. E  this – ultra contemporary and so retro – Hope i’ve got the category right – lol – Theres a little pin to plug in your iphone/ ipod… Continue reading

The Crazy Plate Lady

Among other things i have a great fetish for nice tableware. I love eating and drinking out of pretty plates and fun glasses and always admire these things as a guest at a… Continue reading

Movie – Gravity

Over the weekend i was able to watch The Martian. If you guys have read some other posts than you’ll know that i’m currently seated in the back to the future car, commuting… Continue reading