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Yeh Shibori, Shibori kya hai?

Prints are slowly fading into abstracts and solids. Many designers and fashion houses are taking the simpler route. Words like organic, tye n dye, shibori and ethnic are taking the rounds. Magar yeh… Continue reading

A shop named Taali

A crafty little shop in Karachi with a minimalisticĀ entrance, but as soon as you enter the shop is anything but that. Filled with colourful, crafty, artsy things ranging from jewellery, trinkets, wall decor… Continue reading

The Slime Experiment

A. loves play dough and making little rotis. LOL. desi kids. I really wanted him to experience slime. He has this funny aversion to jelly and all things wobbly and jelly-like. He gags… Continue reading

Top 5 Home Remedies for the Ghastly Flu/Viral – Especially for lazy people!

This dreadful heat, this dreadful monsoon that just isn’t happening! Karachi i love you but i hate you too! The weather is so stuck so constipated, humid and feels like rain but the… Continue reading

Scrubba dub dub with Scoop o Scrub

Recently getting myself into skincare and i discovered this obsession about lip scrubs!!! I never knew we needed scrubs for our lips too! hehehee Came across this brand, run by a sweet girl… Continue reading

Movies to Watch – Based Around Famous Art and Artists

M and i have very different tastes when it comes to shows and movies; somehow we can try and try to watch a show together and follow it together but ends up, never… Continue reading

Silly DIY’s just because…

  So i had these pair of jeans, stonewashed finish from Primark i think. The fit well but were too long. Every time i wore them i turned the cuff up but it… Continue reading

Cookie Cups with Karamel

I’m in love with cookies. It’s true. I love chocolate chip cookies and my heart stops whenever i see them at any bakery, LOL though have to admit very few make good ones.… Continue reading

Allure by Mht Jewel Haul

A few days before Eid i ended up at Ayesha Somaya where there was a sale taking place or about to take place. Upon inspection i found out it was Allure by Mht’s… Continue reading

Fun with Balloons Learning Colours & Counting

Keeping toddlers busy is quite the task for all moms. They are too oldĀ to just be…and too young to keep themselves busy. Biggest worry/complaint most moms of toddlers have is how do we… Continue reading