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Scrubba dub dub with Scoop o Scrub

Recently getting myself into skincare and i discovered this obsession about lip scrubs!!! I never knew we needed scrubs for our lips too! hehehee Came across this brand, run by a sweet girl… Continue reading

Silly DIY’s just because…

  So i had these pair of jeans, stonewashed finish from Primark i think. The fit well but were too long. Every time i wore them i turned the cuff up but it… Continue reading

Allure by Mht Jewel Haul

A few days before Eid i ended up at Ayesha Somaya where there was a sale taking place or about to take place. Upon inspection i found out it was Allure by Mht’s… Continue reading

Eid Day 3 with Generation and Amber Sami Jewels

Drum rolll!!!! My favourite look for Eid on Day 3! Totally and completely in awe of Generation’s -Dot collection. Funky separates that can either be paired together to create an even funkier look,… Continue reading

Eid Day 2 with Blocked Textiles & Allure by Mht Jewels

Day 2 was slow and mostly spent at home. We pushed ourselves to get out in the evening and met some family and friends. I wore my favourite Blocked Textiles, gold and mint… Continue reading

Eid Day 1 with Khaadi

Eid is all about sparkles and bling. I had been a little out of it the past 2 years, was too pregnant or too mommed out! This year i decided to get back… Continue reading

Weekend Lust List – 3/07/16

Eid is just round the corner! I’m sure all or well most of you have done your eid shopping already! If you haven’t already or are just itching to buy something like me!!!… Continue reading

Patched T-shirt – Zara

It’s finally here!!!!!!!! The patch trend that specifically ZARA has come out with is pure love. Not a fan of the cropped versions but the shirts are all nice. I really wanted one… Continue reading

Summer Denim Trend – part two

If you read part 1, you’ll know that i’m talking about Denim and Chambray trends this summer. Chambray is a soft, cotton blend fabric that is casual yet looks so sophisticated.┬áMany designers have… Continue reading

Shiny Tassels on my Feet

Keeping up with the tassel trend i was itching to have a pair of anything with tassels. By anything i mean shoes or maybe a bag! Not “anythinggg”:P So i scoured the web,… Continue reading