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Eid Day 2 with Blocked Textiles & Allure by Mht Jewels

Day 2 was slow and mostly spent at home. We pushed ourselves to get out in the evening and met some family and friends. I wore my favourite Blocked Textiles, gold and mint… Continue reading

The Center Part

I hear the center part is back! It has been for a while i also hear. I’ve always loved it but with the crazy frizzy hair of mine it doesn’t always epitomize Deepika… Continue reading

Skincare – Under Eye Dark circles

I am unfortunately one of those people blessed with hereditary/genetic dark circles. They are just part of my face, they have always been there! I have grown up being commented on about my… Continue reading

Makeup – Rimmel Lippies

Rimmel Lipsticks are my favourite. I feel as though this brand is quite undermined, especially their lipsticks. In a world where everyone raves and can’t get over their Lady Dangers and Orgasms aka… Continue reading