A shop named Taali

A crafty little shop in Karachi with a minimalistic entrance, but as soon as you enter the shop is anything but that.

Filled with colourful, crafty, artsy things ranging from jewellery, trinkets, wall decor to fabric for clothing.


The products featured are mostly handmade/handcrafted through cottage industries and/or artists just starting up.


Loved these colourful Rillis, totally inspired my kitschy side.


Love this moroccon inspired cocktail table using our indigenous hala blue tiles.


Celebrating our poets and tradition.


Hi little birdies… such cute jewellery boxes.


These i especially liked and wanted to get and wear for Independence Day, but as lagging seems to be the theme of the month, i didnt. They have an amazing range of calligraphy inspired statement jewellery as well to choose from.


These coins are sort of discontinued/have little value and i thought this was a great way to use them. Super funky.


These hand painted wooden door signs were by far the cutest thing. Painted in typical truck art style with the quirky slogans, this one particular resonated with me!!!

hahahaha because Dosti is better than kati….hahahaaa


What a fun way of expressing that you don’t wanna friendship with anyone right now or the there is world peace and you may come in! hahahaa

Guys please go check out this amazing shop, you will surely find amazing things and not leave empty handed. It’s a great way to encourage and support deserving and talented people who otherwise have no means to showcase their talent.

Support Indigenous. Support Handmade.