Top 5 Home Remedies for the Ghastly Flu/Viral – Especially for lazy people!

This dreadful heat, this dreadful monsoon that just isn’t happening! Karachi i love you but i hate you too! The weather is so stuck so constipated, humid and feels like rain but the rain never happens.

It’s making all the littles sick and their mommies too and their families too and basically everyone! Meri Aik dua hai – Allah Dushamanon ko bhi viral say door rakhay!

Literally sucks the living daylights out of you and your will to open up your eyes even. Especially with a naughty toddler who demands attention every waking second; correction every breathing second, it becomes almost a struggle to survive.One hand with a tissue covering your nose, the other one scrambling for another!

Acha, that sounds pretty apocalyptic but anyway…

If you guys are suffering from flu or want to avoid a full blown episode, these 5 remedies can help cure and prevent many symptoms.


  1. Honey – A teaspoon on its own or sprinkled with cinnamon has great antiseptic and healing/antibody building properties.

2. Cinnamon – Sprinkled with honey or in warm milk is a really good ingredient that               has antibacterial property. Makes milk taste and smell great and is really beneficial to           recover from a flu asap.

3. Ginger – A piece of ginger boiled in water and cooled. Ginger tea, a couple of times a             day really helps in soothing an aching throat and is miraculous in recovering from a               cough.

4. Garlic – A few cloves of garlic boiled in milk and cooled with some added turmeric                  and sugar (optional) is a guaranteed remedy for a cough and watery eyes.

5. Turmeric – A few slices of the fresh turmeric root is especially great but the                              powdered form is good too, boiled in water or milk as a tea has such amazing results              that you will really see a marked improvement in your overall immune system.

So peeps, if you feel an onset of the dreadful FLU, you can instantly start having these concoctions, it will either ward off the onset of the infection or mellow it down considerably.

I am not going into why and how these ingredients are so amazing (you can google that) but just want to tell you that all of these are tried and tested and easy to do even for a lazy bum like me and are super duper beneficial.

So, gooooo. If nothing else, just a spoon of honey first thing in the morning is great for overall health too!!!!