Scrubba dub dub with Scoop o Scrub

Recently getting myself into skincare and i discovered this obsession about lip scrubs!!!

I never knew we needed scrubs for our lips too! hehehee

Came across this brand, run by a sweet girl named Areej who puts her heart and soul in what she does. It’s evident in not only her product line, but also her corresponding services and attention to detail to packaging.


I’m a sucker for good packaging. If it looks good then i’m half way sold. Vain i know but what to do.

Ordered and tried the Pina Colada lip scrub and it is what it is. The smell and taste made me feel i was at a white sandy beach, the soothing sound of the waves hitting the shore while i sipped a coconut! (also because i’m dreaming about my next vacay .The texture is fine sugar and i have to say my lips felt super clean and scrubbed. They are usually quite dry and i hardly ever tend to them besides gliding some lippie when i step out, so they really needed this intense cleaning!


The second thing i got was the peppermint Foot & Hand Scrub! Smells fresh and pepperminty like the Swiss Alps or so i imagine the fresh untouched air there would smell like! hahahhaa


Procedure is same; apply and scrub for at least 2 minutes and i saw a visible difference in the smoothness of my hands and cuticles.


The scrubs have tiny granules so i’d suggest they are best used in the shower or over the sink as it can get a bit messy!

All in all great product, great smells, yummy taste (lip scrub, could well be a dessert, lol, NO) and great packaging.

Good Job Areej; looking forward to more great & fun products