Movies to Watch – Based Around Famous Art and Artists

M and i have very different tastes when it comes to shows and movies; somehow we can try and try to watch a show together and follow it together but ends up, never happening.

Same goes for movies but i have forced him to watch some of the ones that i look forward to. I like movies that are dramatic, heavy on the story line, biographies, based on true events and am a sucker for periodic tales. Basically i like things which are complicated because i like complicating things! Haha.

The chronic multi tasker that i am i  can’t usually watch a movie just for the heck of it, that seems like a waste of time and brains for me, it has to be interesting enough for me to be googling things and events that just happened simultaneously.

Anyway, so yea. Movies based around art, art pieces and artists are really interesting to me and i just realised i have seen many. Some in school as part of filmmaking or history of art and some because…above…. 😛

Caution most art movies are not child friendly as many subjects and discussions may be unsuitable for young minds. Definitely not family movies. 

1.Girl with a pearl earring – based on the famous artist Vermeer’s, famous painting and the intrigue surrounding it.


2. Pollock  – based on Jackson Pollock and the rise of abstract, his struggle and madness that led to it.


3. Frida – based on famous Mexican Painter known for her self portraits. The movie with its awesome art direction and colourful sets is a must watch.


4.  Big eyes – based on the rise and personal struggles of Margaret Keane and her unusual paintings. An insight into the relation between art as being a means of expression versus art as a commercial business.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 2.22.01 PM.png

5. Nightwatching – based on the famous Rembrandt and the suspicion of a conspiracy theory surrounding his even more famous painting ‘The Night Watch’


6. Woman in gold – based on Gustav Klimt’s epic piece of art ‘The woman in Gold’ and how a Austrian lady traces it as her personal possession before they fled the Nazi invaded Austria.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 2.21.48 PM.png

7. Factory girl – based on Edie Sedgewick one of the most famous muses to Andy Warhol. The volatile art scene and dangers that surround it through the eyes of a subject.


8. The danish girl – based on Einar Wegener and his personal struggle with his self identity and sexuality. Brilliant film but not for the faint hearted.


These movies are not your typical popcorn flicks but really do enlighten and inspire and aren’t bad for a quick history lesson in art too! Great topics for table talk as well!

Now go see them and enlighten thy minds!!!!