Cookie Cups with Karamel

I’m in love with cookies. It’s true. I love chocolate chip cookies and my heart stops whenever i see them at any bakery, LOL though have to admit very few make good ones. Strangely, Subway has one of the better ones and i always end up getting the 3 cookie deal!!! 😀

I have tried karamel’s cookie cake many times before. It’s a running feature at many of our mom and toddler playdates. The moms gobble them up mostly.They have these great bundles where you can get a slice of each and taste all the yummy flavours.

I was ecstatic when i saw they had come out with cookie cups!!! Matlab…. cookie in the form of a cupcake!!!! OMGAwd! Ramadan schedule was totally out and frankly consuming so much food in the few hours in the evening before sleep was usually not so possible, so waited for relatively normal days.

Ordered over the weekend, easy order and easy pick up. I chose to pick it up because it was near and well… i couldn’t wait! hehehehe


The box looks like theres a pizza hidden in it!!!!!


Inside are these neatly placed cupcakes. I ordered 2 of milk chocolate and 2 of triple chocolate and 2 of nutella madn


Look at these beauties.


Can’t wait it chow down!



They look like cupcakes and when you cut in the middle, the crumble perfectly like a sticky chocolate chip cookie. The milk chocolate had bits of milk chocolate oozing out that made it into a decadently sweet dessert.


I think by now i have and if you read my waffle post, we have established that i do not like Nutella, so i will not talk about it because that is just wrong, but M loves it and he loved the Nutella cookie cup too!

I preferred the triple chocolate cookie cup as it was sweet with bitter cocoa undertones to balance it out!


Perfect partner for you tea or tea cup from which you can spoon it out as the crumbly bits require to eat with your eyes open!!!! Other than that the yummy gooey chocolate is enough to transport you to Nirvana.

I give it 4.5/5 for ease of order and delivery/pickup and taste. The only bit to beware of is milk chocolate getting too sweet, but if that’s your thing this is a win win!!!

Weekend is here, Order away!!!!!