Fun with Balloons Learning Colours & Counting

Keeping toddlers busy is quite the task for all moms. They are too old to just be…and too young to keep themselves busy. Biggest worry/complaint most moms of toddlers have is how do we keep them busy and we all have our ways from paddle pools, to crayons to running about in the outdoors.

Karachi heat and sun is too unbearable even for the little ones and especially Mr. A, who hates the heat! He will run indoors on tip toe exclaiming hot hai hot hai…. Therefore, i rack my brains to come up with ways to keep him happy and excited indoors.

Silly little idea i had while i was at a local stationery store.

All items under Rs.200 thats less than $2!!!! Lol and it kept us busy for about 45 minutes to an hour roughly!


We got

A pack of 10 balloons in different colours

Some ribbon

A balloon pump

A marker



Blowing the baloons with the hand pump was initself an activity and then naming the colours went on forever. Kept him engaged in choosing the next colour balloon to be blown. Ameer tried fooo foo-ing himself into the balloons and giggled when nothing happened.


I wrote the number with a marker which was let out many squeals from A.


There were strict instructions being given to me for which number could go on which colour balloon.


I tied them around the unused cot, that is now only for tossing toys and drying clothes. Some use came of it for co-sleeping parents!


All in all, lots of giggles, squealing and screeching! Great fun way to learn colours and numbers. Refines  gross motor skills/ decision making and cause and effect.

We don’t realise such small little activities teach them so much. Through fun and play they learn so much confidence!

Look at the little monkey threatening to POP all the bubbles and laughing away!!!