Waffle Face Off

Had heard so much about The Waffle Cart and Bond Street Waffles that i had to try it . We tried both on the same day over the very long weekend!

Bond Street has been there for a while and serving at Karachi Eat Festivals and other Carnivals but has really put themselves out there with an outlet in Dolmen Mall Clifton. We tried Bond Street Waffles First.




The Waffle Cart was next. A cute little actual wooden cart outside a new Chai cafe called Malang’s cafe tucked into a street in Sehar Commercial Phase 7. Managed by the owner herself at the cart a sweet young lady who was there to greet us.




I tried the Belgian Waffle with Nutella topping and Ice cream at Bond Street Waffle and the Waffle with Maple syrup and Oreos at The Waffle Cart.

Here’s what i have to say –

Price points were fairly same between 350-450 for a waffle without ice cream and just toppings!

The waffle at Bond Street was not crispy (maybe becasue of the ice cream on top) and it was difficult to eat out of the plastic plate with plastic cutlery, but the amount of topping was generous .The Waffle Cart ones are neatly cut into crunchy bite sized pieces and served in a cardboard box and very easy to eat even on the go.

While waffles in M’s mind are decadent and to be eaten with ice cream only, he liked Bond Street and i preferred The Waffle Cart for their crispy bites that made a fun dessert that didn’t necessarily bog you down!

M preferred Bond Street and i preferred The Waffle Cart. He loves nutella, i don’t! Yes, Yes i am an anomoly i knowww!!!

Bond Street Waffle is a decadent waffle to be devoured with care and is the quintessential comfort dessert. While The Waffle Cart does not serve ice cream it makes up for it with the variety of toppings to offer from kinder, ferrero to oreos and makes for a light dessert.

4/5 for both of them!!!