Weekend Lust List – 3/07/16

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 9.58.04 PM.png

Eid is just round the corner! I’m sure all or well most of you have done your eid shopping already! If you haven’t already or are just itching to buy something like me!!! Always itching to shop!!!

Here are some things i really liked and recommend!

Ghazal Pirzada Creative Studios – This is a friend of mine, who does these amazingly creative things besides being a great mom and running the whole household front and i think she has a million other jobs she does as well. These envelopes are crazy cute and she has the best i’ve seen so far! order now!

Daaman – This top is everything from being summery, light, feminine and has the right amount of embellishments in a modern silhouette.The colours compliment the weather and are perfect for this summer Eid!!!!

Sulafah – They have come out with a great line for Eid. From casual to festive to luxe. Me, being more of a flats girl. I love wearing heels but flats keep me grounded, literally and with a toddler i guess they are more practical. These blingy beauties can vamp up and add a festive edge to any outfit and will go perfectly with the Daaman top.

Project Rich –  In love with Project Rich’s jewellery. Falling in love with these Naurattan i.e Multi colour stone bracelets. Equally festive without being over the top. Check them out on Fb, but their Instagram page is more updated. Hurry, she might still deliver her instock items.

Quickly tell me what you guys bought or are lusting for and didn’t.

Will be sharing my Eid Haul soon!!!