Patched T-shirt – Zara

It’s finally here!!!!!!!!

The patch trend that specifically ZARA has come out with is pure love. Not a fan of the cropped versions but the shirts are all nice. I really wanted one and finallyyyyy it arrived yesterday!!!!!!

image2 (1).JPG

image1 (7).JPG

I had seen a me too version of this at Splash too!!! I was tempted, it wasn’t too bad on its own but it was a cropped t-shirt!!! When will this crop top trend end!!!! Hate it!splash t shrit.jpg

Glad i waited and ordered through HOUSEOFZARA on fb/instagram!

They are great! Order and delivery was smooth!

Except paying extra sucks, but what to do!

Oh and if anyone else orders this, heads up! I got a medium and its HUGEmongous, but its an oversized shirt so it works!