Shiny Tassels on my Feet

Keeping up with the tassel trend i was itching to have a pair of anything with tassels. By anything i mean shoes or maybe a bag! Not “anythinggg”:P

So i scoured the web, fb and insta, my daily feeds of news, fun and stress! Shopping and thinking of what to shop and deciding what you need and don’t want can be really really stressful you know!

Anyway, so Zara and Aldo have lovely pairs of sandals with tassel thingies hanging from them, but who can wait right.

I saw these silver shiny pieces of fun by SOMA and ordered them instantly.

They came in about 10 days as promised and the order placement and delivery was smooth from the get go.

They’re here and i love them!!!


They are super fun and versatile, jeans, shaloos, bells or just straight pants, they go well with all.


Also SOMA people are really good at customer service very contrary from what some people on their page had commented. They were sweet enough to say they’ll send me a new pair when i asked them if they catered to half sizes.

I thought that was super sweet.


Just a heads up for the rest who will order, especially those with broader feet. You might want to order a size up, they can be a bit snug because of the narrow shape of the front even though i don’t have broad feet, they will eventually open up a bit.


I recently saw they’ve made the same style in 2 new colour variants. I still prefer the silver, but have a few ideas up my sleeve. I hope they will be open to customise these for me in a different colour/finish. Let’s see. Fingers crossed.

All in all, these are my favourite summer sandal right now and i see myself in them, till they fall apart or someone asks me if this is the only pair of flats i own! Ha