The Center Part

I hear the center part is back! It has been for a while i also hear.

I’ve always loved it but with the crazy frizzy hair of mine it doesn’t always epitomize Deepika chic or Olivia Palermo sleek.


Only when my hair is properly tamed and blow dried do i attempt to leave my room with it.There’s always the risk of ending up like you’re trying too hard or looking like a water buffalo, LOL, my mum always said that. Hilarious!

Here’s a few pix of me attempting the center part and trying to look Glam. I think it worked in some or maybe i want to think it part.jpg

The Mug Shot isn’t flattering at all. LOL


I personally feel i should stick to the side part. What do you guys think? M. is bit vague as always when i ask for fashion advice. Mennnn!

Send in your mug shots with a center part, so i learn a thing or two!