Skincare – Under Eye Dark circles

I am unfortunately one of those people blessed with hereditary/genetic dark circles. They are just part of my face, they have always been there! I have grown up being commented on about my dark circles, saying oh you’ve lost/gained weight but its not looking nice because your dark circles have grown bigger/darker/smaller etc etc.

Also relatives, i love you all and i know you mean well but every time i meet you, yes there are huge time gaps in between; can we please talk about something else other than my eyes and the depth and shade of the craters under them. And mom, i know you worry that i’m unwell, or not sleeping properly or not taking care myself but i am just fine and this is just part of my face.

Anyway, so…. having said all that, there are days and months when the depth and darkness is deeper and darker and i do look a ghoul! I have no clue why!

I have taken it upon myself to do something about it from today onward.

There a billion makeup tutorials and home remedies out there that claim to reduce the appearance or clear them entirely. I’m not looking for some magic to happen but anything less is good for me!

Will start with a picture of now, they are pretttayyy bad at the moment!





Frankly, these pictures don’t really show how truly horrific the state of affairs are! There were a few other photographs i didn’t put up on purpose, they were baddddd and M. said i look like a victim of domestic violence!!! Not Good at all.

Anyway, with a few home remedies that i’ll be using and i’ll keep updating if there are any changes i notice! Home remedies – here and here and here

The first home remedy/trick i will be trying is…..


tadaaa! 😛