Family Fun – Karachi Eat Festival

Last weekend was fun! Every year the whole of Karachi waits for this Humongous Food Festival! That’s right Food! Needless to say all Karachites, no all Pakistanis are major foodies and with the lack of safe and friendly hangout places, everyone looks forward to such festivals/carnivals/events.

I was like everyone really looking forward to the Karachi Eat Festival too. The previous years i wasn’t able to go, once it was so jam packed we literally drove back home because there was no parking and last year A. was a newbie so we weren’t very even thinking much of leaving the house! This time we planned well and went in the day on a Saturday!

We packed ourselves and friends in one car and reached the venue where we walked quite a bit to actually reach the place. A. was so far behaving and quietly albeit grumpily seated in the stroller. It was a different world inside. Food, Food and Food everywhere! M and i had been scouring Facebook to make mental notes of which stalls to try but of course we forgot everything when we got there!

image2.JPG                                       (photo credit – a  good friend)

Forgot to mention that this event is held in the gardens of Frere Hall, one of the many British Colonial Buildings that still exist and one of the few in good condition that make up the architectural landscape of Old Karachi. It makes for a beautiful backdrop at night and gives the city dwellers a reason to keep on visiting this place. The beautiful gardens were once used for social gathering but none like this i’m sure!

I tried buffalo wings from Wingitt and really liked them.

Meanwhile M. and a friend were standing in line to get food from the Burns Road bbq place. M. is desi food crazy and i tend to be a little more experimental. M. laughs at my insistence on trying new cuisine and dares to not share his food with me when my experiments fail, which they usually do!!! 😛

Picture 1.png

We met up with a lot of friends and basically the whole of my FB was there, i recognized people from tagged pictures etc.

We ate/tasted :

Malai boti from Burns Road BBQ – 8/10

Bun Kebabs – 6/10

Chicken Biryani – 7/10

Kulfi – 8/10

Sweet potato fries from Pantry – 9/10

Brownies from The Karachi Fudge Company – 7/10

Churros & Choc – 8/10

Macaroons from LALs – 9/10

Spent almost 3 hours there and the hot day slowly turned into a chilly evening and A. had completely lost his patience and frankly so did i, running after him and fretting about loosing him!

There was a little area for kids to play with a trampoline and jumping castles too, but were for slightly older kids, not suitable for toddlers!

All in all it was a great enjoyable day with food and friends.


(photo credit – a  good friend)

Good Fun in the Sun!