The Crazy Plate Lady

Among other things i have a great fetish for nice tableware.

I love eating and drinking out of pretty plates and fun glasses and always admire these things as a guest at a party too! These appetizer plates by CB2 have been on my to die for list for many years but sadly i have yet to get my hands on them.


These quirky illustrated plates run like a comic and indulge the graphic designer in me as well. They are called The Oliver appetizer plates and are a line that CB2 sells for Jamie Oliver, the famed chef! These illustrations are very similar to how Jamie Oliver runs his shows and are all about festive and fun eating, things that personify his style.



Just look at all the fun things Oliver is up to. These would be perfect for a casual brunch or kids party too! Love how these sketches are so thought out yet simple.

There are some DIY’s out there on how to make a custom prints onto plates like this on your own too, here and here but these designs seem to have their limitations and some can not be used on food plates!


Worth a try though on serving trays and such.

oliver-mint-appetizer-plates.jpegCan’t wait to get my hands on the Oliver plates somehow and serve/display/showoff! Only available in the US and since they are fragile items, no one has really been to keen on doing this favour for me! 😦

I’ll find a way… 😛