Movie – Gravity

Over the weekend i was able to watch The Martian.

If you guys have read some other posts than you’ll know that i’m currently seated in the back to the future car, commuting to and fro the last 2 years due to pregnancy and mommyhood!!!

Amidst entertaining A. and placing the laptop on the highest point of the couch from where i could still see and A. could not touch the screen or buttons i watched this movie that i found very gripping! No, this is not bad parenting 101, just survival and M. was there too, looking after him.

Anyway, so The Martian was highly entertaining and had the right amounts of information without being over informative about botany, science, astrodynamics and human emotions.


Matt Damon is a fine actor and did justice to his role as he always does. Question is…is it Oscar worthy? The Martian did win best picture at the Golden Globes this year (comedy/musical) and is definitely a contender for the same slot at the Oscars.

If gravity can win, maybe The Martian can too right? Although there are differences. Granted completely different nominations but subject more or less the same. The movie soundtrack was not as memorable as Gravity and the visual effects that made Gravity nail -bitingly intense were not there. Great acting by the leads for sure but is that enough?

The Martian is definitely a great movie with a great piece of acting one can delight in watching at home more than once. The kind of movie that you’ll find yourself watching on HBO a few months later.


Being just a blockbuster of the year doesn’t guarantee a spot at a win at the Oscars but who knows, we’re still to find out!!!

All in all, i thoroughly enjoyed my distracted 2.5 hours at home having a few laughs and eye-welling up moments too!