Makeup – Rimmel Lippies

Rimmel Lipsticks are my favourite.

image1 (1).JPG

I feel as though this brand is quite undermined, especially their lipsticks. In a world where everyone raves and can’t get over their Lady Dangers and Orgasms aka Mac and NARS, Rimmel lippies have a lot to offer in terms of pigment and texture. They are matte and yet glide smoothly with a velvety feel .

They definitely do not have a very wide variety of shades to choose from but basic shades are all covered and were not dealing with 5 lipsticks with a 5% difference from each other. Namely, the Kate Moss collection has been my favourite ever since they came out. My ultimate fav being 109 which is now discontinued. It was the bestest of the best coral orange. Perfect for day wear and good to give a flirty pop to any formal outfit too. I think they secretly knew its power and discontinued it so people would start buying their other shades! Since then i have been searching a colour to match but to no avail. 110 is supposedly close but i know the difference.

image1 (2).JPG

Here are the shades i keep in my makeup drawer and purse.


102 – a nice velvety pink, perfect for a day at work or a trip to the beach.

107 – a sexy wine colour that makes you look mysterious. Not oxblood, not red.

109 – ultimate coral peach.

110 – slightly brighter coral bordering on red. (The one i’m wearing in the feature photograph)

This drugstore brand surely has a lot to offer and works really well for me especially in terms of texture.