Family Friday

Today I’ll share some family time with you and this way introduce you to my boys M & A. These photographs are from last month and little monkey is a bit bigger now and its less colder in Karachi.

Karachi winters are a hoax, but frankly i love it! I’d rather not be bundled in itchy layers of wool roasting in front of a heater and love wearing what ever i want to without thinking of freezing to death. Same goes for the mommy me, its a far less stressful winter here and we don’t have to fiddle too much with thermal wear for the babies.

Everyone loves going to the beach and frankly we don’t go much and this was A’s first trip to the beach. As you can see my wild child is loving it and is pitter pattering about like a little penguin.

image1 (1).JPG

Weekends are for relaxing but more so entertaining the little one as a family. Extremely spontaneous plan that M. made to get up and go to Sea View, not the best or cleanest beach. Many a parent cringed when i showed them pics at Sea View. Basically its really dirty and polluted and as a result the sand is silvery grey in colour, but its 5 minutes away as opposed to the other beaches that require a lot of planning, driving through traffic for at least 45 minutes on a good day! Plus we grew up playing here too so i think it should be fine!

As you can see M, loves presenting A. as his successor (what kingdom, i have yet to know) or as he says… “i present to you SIMBA!!!!”


A little more about crazy Karachi winter…I feel like i’m going on and on but i need to explain this dad in leather jacket and baby in onesie scenario. It runs the risk of viewers calling social security! Winters in Karachi are deceptive, your house may be coldddd and chilly and you wear socks and model woolies that you’ve been waiting to wear all year and then you step out and its like the equator! Thus we were all clothed in at least 2 if not 3 layers and so was A but at the beach it was hot but breezy and there was no need to wear so many clothes but had to hold on to what we were wearing!!!!

Hope this clears a lot of questions!!!! hhahhaaa

p.s A. enjoyed a lot and didn’t want to go back, had to force him into a sand-buggy all the way to our car, sadly didn’t take any pics of the buggies. they are a sight to see, especially at night. Will do in another post.