Throwback Thursday – Radio Star

This day will be about remembering the old me! Here are excerpts of  when i first started blogging about 4 years ago. Everything doesn’t necessarily make sense, things are disjointed but there. That’s how i was, that’s how i am.

I secretly always had a love for retro things. I was on a mission to collect antique pieces or find stuff from my homes (parents and present). i had a good start but lost myself somewhere.

Here is a piece of where i started…

Love these things –

Absolutely love the the radio looking bedside clock –

Maybe i can make myself one –

Looking for a turntable/gramophone – a nice wooden one!!!

Have one at my grandparents place on top of a credenza shaped thingy with a built in radio thing as well. Wish my mom got it when she could. One of my cousin got dibs on it! sigh – oh well – I’ll still try to find one – somewhere –

The one my cousin now has look like that – ( above) I should take pictures of it – I’m sure he’ll be fine with that – but need one. 😛