Wardrobe Wednesday

I’ll try and rummage through some interesting pieces from my wardrobe or things i am excited about. I am not a fashionista per say nor do i own lots of labels but i’ll try to talk about what’s so special about this shawl.image1.JPGThis is a kashmiri shawl stole with traditional aar embroidery. This piece though traditional can make any monochrome look pop and look kitschy. wish i could put up style options or ways i would style it but i’m a bit shy right now about that. Soon i shall.

This particular style of embroidery is painstakingly made by hand using woolen yarn and thread and is time consuming.

Many machine embroidered and printed versions of this kashmiri aar ‘taanka’ (stitch) are popular in lifestyle and home products like cushions and upholstery for sofas, chairs and footstools.

Too bad, it doesn’t get too cold in Karachi and i haven’t had a chance to wear it out this time. I also have a black version of the same shawl with a warm colour pallete embroidery but that can be a bit too loud sometimes.