Tuesday Shoesday


What girl doesn’t have a love for shoes? I certainly do.


I can buy shoes over clothes any time, i dream about shoes and day dream about shoes too! Since A. has come into my life, i now have a muse to dress and am dreaming about his shoes too. What to buy next and from where? It’s a disease that has made me buy, collect and store and eventually throw/give away, many! I’m sure many can relate. I secretly buy and hide from M, so he doesn’t give me the ‘oh so you needed a pointed nude flat as well, because the nude flat you have has a round toe!’ emphasis on needed. 😛

This post is about espadrilles. Which ones to get for the summer and how to style them in a cute way.

A friend and myself have been ogling over the Santa Fe collection by Tory Burch and can’t seem to get enough! The quirky mis-matched designs gives it a cool edge and can be a great conversation starter as well.

For me the tie is between the metallic lace ones and the Santa Fe version. My head says metallic lace and heart says quirky cactus. Wearability vs. Making a Statement. I think we know which one won! You guys tell me what’s cuter?

The trend hit on with the Chanel logo espadrilles, but at a hefty price. Similar styles and texture have been made by all high fashion brands but one can get a style fix for less with styles from Steve Madden, Tom’s and even  Rubi shoes!

The world has become a global village. Even though there are not many high street or luxury fashion outlets here in Pakistan, there are many ways to get your hands on all these products. Online shopping through personal shoppers have helped bring us close to many of our style needs. (more on that later) They’ve certainly helped me!