Manic Monday!

Just another manic monday!!!
That phrase or song has a new meaning now!
Being a stay at home mom, most people would think oh she’ll get up and run around her child and do housework and then by evening sit and complain about it!
well…. Thats’s true for the most part but thats everyday and not just monday! Ha
Mondays are not manic anymore!
Mondays are a bit relaxing.
A bit scary
And a bit normal!
The weekends are manic, im mostly not in control of the sequence of events, lots
of unpredictability and lots of chaos. i have another baby to run after, aka my husband.
Mondays are a beginning. A day i look back at the weekend to relive good family fun and anticipate/worry about how to survive the next 4 days!
Mondays are also about makeup, music and movies or a TV show MARATHON. (get my drift!) 🙂
Reviewing the first season of Empire for those who haven’t watched it. Fox Network show.
Yes i’m a year or two late! Motherhood can do that. My new years goals consist of catching up on all my interests; i had forgotten i had any since A. 
Here Goes…
I’m not too much into rap and not a fan of musicals at all but this show has the right amount of music and the right kind of digestible rap.A drama revolving around an African american musical family who along with their many troubles stick together for the music.
Why i liked the show –
It resonated with me because of the kind of problems they had, many reminded me of taboos and stigmas that most Pakistani families have.Marrying outside your clan, not living up to your parents dreams and aspirations and the pressures one has to live through. Sibling competition/rivalry and not to mention homophobia. Along with this, the constant reminder to remember your roots and who you are. Having said all this, all the actors have given powerful performances and there is no wonder why the lead actress Taraji P. Henson bagging a golden globe for best actress in a TV series this year.
The music is very refreshing and i liked most of the songs and have been singing ‘youre so beautiful’ all weekend.Its the most key song of the show that will echo time and again in future seasons as well. Check out the song here –
I give it a 8/10. The melodrama can get a bit too dramatic at times and namely one character is a bit annoying. Also why do the good looking ones always turn out be gay!? (compliment to them of course)
Looking forward to watching season 2 now! A year too late.